Saturday, November 10, 2012

Let's Go To The Moon

I'm pretty excited about the topic for our next Seas of Science: THE MOON. After traveling and brainstorming (and fighting off some heavy writers block), I'm pleased at how the episode is coming along. I've given myself to the end of the year to finish a rough draft, which I think is a reasonable goal. Already I'm pretty stoked about our audience participation activities and all the songs, costumes, and of course - silliness.

For some reason, I've been very inspired by all things French lately. I think it may stem from the suggestion my pal Jeff Miller gave me to re-watch Le Voyage Dans La Lune - A Trip To The Moon by Georges Méliès:

Oh so dreamy! I think most people have a familiarity with this movie, but watching it again was inspiring. The sets, the costumes, the special effects. Love it.