Friday, March 25, 2011


I'll admit that I am very pleased with myself for making a confetti cannon for use in the first episode of SOS. I figured that besides the part I wrote into the script that requires a confetti cannon, a confetti cannon would be useful in all sorts of metaphorical situations like to show rain or sunshine or whatever. Or maybe just to blast confetti on someone as a gag. I followed the instructions here, with some modifications. I didn't quite understand why the need for a coupler - now I think I get it. Mine has a larger turn valve which I think makes the confetti shoot out less forcefully had I used a smaller ball valve. But that's ok, it's still pretty awesome. Here are some visuals:

Not very big, a little larger than a shoe.

 You close the ball valve and pressurize the end chamber with a regular bike pump


I suppose tossing confetti would work equally well, but why just toss confetti when you can FIRE it out of a cannon??

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