Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Sailing Onward

Friends - the show this weekend was an overwhelming success! Thank you to all who came out and supported us. We had a LOT of fun! I'll never forget all the happy smiling faces at these humble debut performances. There was magic in the air at the LADD Warehouse this weekend. Truly, a special experience.

Already my brain is full of ideas for the future. If you've followed this blog since it's inception, I cannot thank you enough for your kind encouragement and support. I started a little over a year ago with only an idea and a handful of drawings. I had no clue how to accomplish what seemed like the monumental task of putting on a show.

I won't lie: Putting all of our props and supplies away yesterday tugged at my heartstrings. Closing up those bins with The Black Thumb, Flowing Puppets, Clams, The Octopus Singer...all which did not exist a mere 3 months ago. Everything sits quietly tucked in a corner of my pal's storage room until I can find a theater willing to let us perform again. And perform we shall! After all that it took to build this show, and judging from the tremendous response after this weekend, we will find a place to do more shows soon. I don't think I would be allowed to stop now!

And now you can follow SOS on Facebook! Keep updated with photos and goings on of the cast and crew behind Seas of Science.

So for everything, I thank you again. I'm just one person in this merry band of misfits. It took a little from everyone to build this show.We all put a lot of heart in it and it really shined through.

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