Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Time to Build

As a lover of To-Do lists, here is my List Of Stuff To Build:

Sergio’s Station
Ship’s computer
Cleveland Portal (which brings Marisol to the word of SOS)
Bookshelves for the Captain to peek through
Jungle Set
Clam Chorus Line
Octopus Singer
Squid Stick Puppet
Lobster Stick Puppet
Photosynthesis T-Shirts (for an audience participation activity)
“Plant” outfit for volunteers (again, for an audience participation activity)
Fern Suit (a suit for one of the characters)

I enjoyed the heck out of making the confetti cannon and the Monster Butterfly. The next item I’ve decided to work on is the Lobster Stick Puppet. Here is a preliminary drawing:

Nothing fancy. More cardboard and acrylic paint. The Lobster Stick Puppet is part of the backup band on the ship, who are all marine creatures (see this blog post for more detail). I liked the finger puppet idea, but it would be hard to tell what it is from far away. This puppet, although static, would be more visible. And look how cute he is!

I think he shall be named Buddy.

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