Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Just like Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell

Another friend of mine gave me a great idea for making simple sock puppets: use a long, thigh-high sock to make a full body puppet instead of a short sock for just the head. I started thinking about this idea and made a few drawings for the lead singer of the marine animal house band aboard the ship.
This would work great with a long sock. The body of the octopus could be sewn onto the sock. The body itself would be static, but that's ok. We'll sew a little microphone in his hand and he can bop and sway to give it some animation. I was also thinking to add some foam at the top of the sock in the head part to give the puppet more shape. And a tiny tophat because he's fancy.

Here is another drawing of a character for the band - a lady squid. This could be built really simply, perhaps just on a stick that bounces around during the musical numbers. She's supposed to be singing in the drawing below, but instead it looks like she's farting the notes. I guess that a singing, farting, squid would work too.

Courtesy of my very encouraging friend Jodi, is a photo of a lobster finger puppet that I like very much. The puppet is so simple and adorable. She got it at Lobster Fest this past year down in San Pedro. I opted for some lobster gloves which turned into part of my Halloween costume. But little guy provided a lot of laughs throughout the night.

I feel that the puppet band designs are coming together nicely.

Now I have this song in my head:

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