Monday, September 5, 2011

The Irresistibly Sweet Award, courtesy of Mr. Tiny

Mr. Tiny is a buddy of mine who writes the blog Wacky Tacky. He is a stellar friend and writer and THEE best dancer I know. Seriously, the man has moves that will blow your mind. I dig his blog for how creative it is and how much fun he has exploring So. Cal! He was kind enough to award Seas of Science with the Irresistibly Sweet award, which entails that (a) I tell you 7 little known facts about myself and (b) pass along the award to another blog that I adore.

Here are 7 fun and (maybe) little known facts about me:

7.) I learned most of the Spanish that I know from love songs like this
6.) My favorite movies are Martin and Orloff, Pootie Tang, and The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou.
5.) I have a long and rotating list of crushes
4.) My master's thesis from was published in Deep Sea Research Part I: Oceanographic Research Papers, Vol. 57, No. 5.
3.) In 2008 I was the Derby Dolls Most Effective Blocker, but I'm still not really sure how that one was figured out.
2.) I grew up in Orange County and may be the only kid ever to tire of going to Disneyland.
1.) I don't completely hate Paul Simon's Graceland if only for the fact that my parents listened to it on repeat during a road trip to the midwest when I was a kid.

I would like to pass along this award to my pal Crystal Lee and her blog Naked Cowgirl Vintage. Crystal is a true inspiration in the tone of her writing and how consistent she is with her blogging. I wish I could keep up! Her blog is such a friendly place and I love visiting it to see what fun adventures she has been up to.

Happy Blogging!

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  1. Thanks so much for the award, Paris. too, too, kind! I didn't realize that you grew up in the OC too. What part? I'm from Anaheim (Anaslime) & the town of Orange. I moved to the LBC when I was 21. You are so smart. I admire your brain! Congrats on having your thesis published in Deep Sea Research. Are you gonna come square dancing this Saturday?

    p.s: I'll be sure to post 7 facts about myself & pass along the award soon. Thanks again!