Monday, September 5, 2011

Almost one month away!

It is a very exciting time for Seas of Science - rehearsals are well under way, funding has been coming in through Kickstarter (thanks everyone!) and the production team is hard at work bringing the characters to life. We've also blocked both Acts 1 and 2 in the performance space at the Derby Dolls warehouse.

Act 1 takes place on the ship. It will have a backdrop like so:

The portholes will be cut out and able to open so that puppets and The Captain can peek through during the show.

Act2 takes place in the forest. Instead of making all new panels, we decided on making one center panel out of green fabric and dressing the side panels with foliage. They're supposed to look (more or less) like trees:

It's going to look so cute!

I've been fortunate to be joined in production by some fun and super talented folk. A few of the puppets are already done and costumes are coming together very quickly. Additionally, the Swazzle puppet company is working on the Sergio puppet, which should be done next week.

September is going to fly by! I'm looking forward to being busy with the show up until the performances in October. More updates and ticket info will be posted on this blog soon!

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