Sunday, January 9, 2011

Clam Chorus Line

A friend of mine gave me a super cute and very simple clam-hand puppet as a Christmas present. It inspired me to think of puppet designs for the house band aboard the HMS Unknown. I thought: this puppet could be simple enough to fabricate, why not make a bunch of them? Here are some drawings for a Clam Chorus Line.

As you can see from my note on the top scan, I did not like my first drawings. But that's ok. I do like the idea of stringing them all together somehow so that they will "sing" in unison. I think it'd be funny to give them all different hair-doos/moustaches/personalities. You can see my attempts in the second scan.

Sometimes, a doodle I start on turns into something completely unexpected. Case in point is the picture below. I don't know what I was going for here, but I rather like this little guy.

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