Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Inspirado: Kurt Kobaya Y G.R.O.X

I bought this album because I liked the cover. I don’t know if you do this, but every once in a while I’ll go to the record store and buy a bunch of clearance albums or singles just to find out what they’re about.  Maybe the cover looks cute or I’ve heard of the artist tangentially, or maybe I just like the name of the band. This album by Kurt Kobaya Y G.R.O.X was a total find. I still have no idea still who he is - a google search revealed little on this mystery man.  But he sure did make a killer album. Robotic, funky but punk, total stokage. You can listen to samples through Amazon HERE. The robot sound to his songs gives me ideas for the next Banana Vs Robot challenge. I was not at all expecting anything like this music when I put on this CD, but I’m so happy I found it. 

Its fun little finds like this album that give me small doses of Inspirado.

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