Monday, February 14, 2011

Making Sergio

The Sergio puppet is about 3 ft tall. He's got a little gold crown on on his head, heart shaped eyes, a big curly moustache, and many chins that descend to his big potbelly. Instead of functioning like a traditional hand puppet, Sergio is built more like a nutcracker. He has a lever that opens and closes his mouth.

I would like Sergio's skin to have a texture to it, not to be a fluffy fabric puppet. I saw this for the first time a while ago and I love those puppets in the first part of this music video.

I know I know...hipster blah blah, but those puppets are rad! I was thinking how much I liked the texture of those horror show puppets in the intro. I'd like Sergio to have a latex or rubber texture similar to those guys.

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