Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Inspirado: The Monkees

I loved The Monkees as a kid. It was my favorite show when I was in kindergarden. I remember being heartbroken when I had to go to school and miss it. The show was made a before my time, but Nickelodeon would show daytime reruns. I was surprised to find info about its revival in the 80's on Wikipedia, but sure enough, there it is. I remember being totally in love with Peter Tork. I wonder if that set me up for a lifetime of being romantically partial to goofy redheads...

What struck me about going back and watching this show as an adult is that it is it's a really good kids' show. It's funny and zany and sweet. The songs are catchy, the colors are bright, the jokes are corny, and the plot lines are super silly. The Monkees were just fun. Say what you want about the prefabrication of The Monkees or the overall significance of their music to the vast tundra of modern society, but I had a lot of fun watching that show.

And I'm not embarrassed to say that I still like their songs.

Man, that last one is a good jam.

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