Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Inspirado: Thee Cormans

Thee Cormans are some pretty righteous dudes. They're friends of mine who play rowdy surf music while wearing homemade monster masks. They're a fun band to see live. I've taken a few people to see Thee Cormans and the majority of them walk away smiling and laughing. The ones who don't are clearly squares.

Three of the members are brothers and I think it's pretty rad to get to be in a band with your family. My buddy Mr. Tiny designed and made the swamp monster mask that the guitar player wears. He also made these little russian dolls all by hand!

Swamp monster, Ape, Biker Frankenstein, and Tadpole. Mr. Tiny is a diamond and when the time comes to start making stuff for S.O.S, I definitely want his wonderful sense of design to be involved.

I love the asthetic of Thee Cormans - horror show surf rock that's tough but also silly and accessible. I think a kid watching them might be inspired to make his or her own goofy costume and rock out. I'm keeping in mind a place for Thee Cormans to exist in the world of S.O.S, be it a reoccuring guest spot or house band. It's my friends like Thee Cormans who inspire me to make this show so more people get to check out their tunes and enjoy what they do.

Find out more about Thee Cormans on their BLOG or friend them on FACEBOOK.

Here's a clip from one of their shows:

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