Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Introducing: Marisol

Our main character, Marisol, lives with her mother in Cleveland, Ohio.  Her parents are divorced and her mother is a busy engineering professor at the local university who is rarely around.  Barry was built to serve as sort of a nanny to young Marisol before her mother lost the time and interest to perfect Barry’s robotics.  Despite being left to her own devices most of the time, Marisol is rarely sullen. She’s a bright girl, full of enthusiasm, and a true believer in the idea that everyone has something good about them if you look hard enough.

Marisol’s grandfather was a renowned ocean explorer who was lost at sea when she was 4 years old. Hanging on the wall in her attic is a lifesaver that her grandfather found in his travels. The lifesaver serves as a porthole through which, along with her famous sailing heritage, Marisol is granted access aboard the HMS Unknown. 

Her dream in life is to become a famous drummer. She’s in a band in the real world with a few of her friends and they play new-wave/electro-clash. In addition to being charming and adventurous, Marsisol is also very hip.

I’d like the part of Marisol played by 2 actresses – as a child between 10-12 years old in the real world of Cleveland, and as an adult in the world of the HMS Unknown.  I think this could work nicely.  This way the science lessons can be introduced by Marisol’s school work or a project that’s due or something an elementary/junior high school kid would have to deal with.

As an aside, the character Marisol is partially inspired by my friend, Marisol Medina. To find out more about Marisol the Person, please feel free to visit her WEBSITE.  You can see me in her video short "Beards and Plaid" as one of the moustachiod hipsters. I'm the one that says, "Heeeey Buddy!"

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