Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Introducing: Sophia

Sophia is the resident biologist on the HMS Unknown. She was picked up while drifting on an Antarctic ice flow during her search for the Diamond Diatom, a species of phytoplankton rumored to make it's frustules out of diamond instead of silicon. The Diamond Diatom is more myth than reality, but Sophia was hoping to find a specimen of the tiny sea life when an entire chunk of the glacier she was camping on broke away and floated out to sea. The captain and crew of the HMS Unknown were sailing the southern ocean in hopes of joining a game of penguin soccer and spotted the scientist drifting aimlessly. Sophia was invited on board.

Sophia brings a wealth of knowledge to the HMS Unknown in all aspects of biology. She is Marisol's go-to for any question on plants or animals and all living organisms in between. While most of the time she is cool headed, Sophia does tend to have a feisty streak. Spirited and gregarious, Sophia is a charming addition to the crew of the HMS Unknown.

Likes: the living world, microscopy, handsome paleontologists
Dislikes: losing an argument

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