Monday, December 6, 2010

Inspirado: The Mighty Boosh

The Mighty Boosh has pretty much been one of my favorite things since ever since it was introduced to me last year. It's a show that's difficult to explain to people who have not seen it. Some people hate it or absolutely do not get it. I think it's brilliant. The comedy aside, I love the way this show looks. The vibrant colors and lighting, costumes and background. The show has a style all of it's own.

Something that struck me about this show is that it's not just silly for the sake of nonsense. Silly, yes, but there are rules to which the characters abide even though the world they live in is fantasy. Maybe the only boundaries are defined by the behavior of the character himself (i.e: how will So-And-So react to this?). This is a notion I think about a lot with Seas Of Science and why it is important to me to flush out the world before moving forward. The characters have to be complete, with likes and dislikes that define how they will react in all sorts of situations.

One of my favorite gags in the show is at 1:03 in this clip:

That KILLS me every time! What gets me is that for a gag that takes 2 seconds, a costume designer had to design that costume, cut fabric and sew the thing together, THEN that actor had to sit in a makeup chair for at least maybe an hour (?) to get that Naan bread costume put on him. Painstaking and totally worth it.

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