Saturday, December 11, 2010

Introducing: Barnacle News Network

This is one I like a lot. From time to time, the characters on board the HMS Unknown find themselves watching news reports that may lead into the episode's science lesson. The news program is called Barnacle News Network (BNN). The news anchors are played by actors wearing paper mache Barnacle puppet heads. The program is in the style of a typical local news show. Maybe throw in a pretty lady Barnacle who does the weather or a Barnacle sports report. I think having this segment available as a vehicle for segways or a cut away would be really helpful. If ever there's a time the discussion lags, we can always throw in a Barnacle News report!

Originally, I wanted to call this the Barnacle Brothers News Hour as a shout out to the Barnacle Bros. fabrication studio here in Los Angeles. I think it would be funny if all the Barnacle anchors are related, then the banter can be like, "Back to you, brother barnacle." and "Thank you, brother barnacle. On to tonight's top story..." or other stuff like that. The shop itself is run by a cool dude who goes by the name of Smilee Barnacle. They make some really fun stuff, check 'em out!

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