Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Introducing: Lily

Lily is the most rambunctious member of the science Crew and is prone to pranks and boisterous behavior.  Her area of expertise is oceanography.  Specifically, deep water observation.  Lily singlehandedly captured photographs of 213 previously unknown deep water fishes, including the manta beans of the Red Sea, the monkey eel of the Galapagos and the deep water mouth-breathing gaper cod off the coast of Saigon (*).  As a post doctorate at the Alfred Wegner Insittue for Polar and Marine Research (**), Lily was set to propose her new work for time-lapse photography in the Mariana Trench that could potentially capture more deep sea fauna on film than ever before.  Her proposal, however, was rejected.  Distraught over her lack of funding, Lily decided to leave academia for a life aboard the HMS Unknown. But not before she pulled one final prank on the funding committee by filling all their desk drawers with very live (and very annoyed) purple pincher crabs.

Lily's area of expertise encompases all aspects of oceanography - wave dynamics, ocean circulation, and ocean chemistry to name a few.  She lends a rowdy enthusiasm to each expedition the HMS Unknown undertakes.  As mischevious as she is intelligent, Lily fits right in amongst the cast and Crew of Seas of Science.

Likes: pulling one over on smug bourgeois, any sports game where she can yell, playing cards with Sergio, and the monstrous creatures of the deep sea
Dislikes: dissapointment

(*) these are made-up sea creatures
(**) this is not a made-up institute

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