Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Inspirado: The Muppets

 Something I'd like to do here with this blog is not only write about Seas Of Science but also share with you sources of inspiration for the show. Starting out with a real obvious one: The Muppets. I grew up watching the Muppets, but only in watching The Muppet Show as an adult did I realize how amazing this show really is.  It's funny, quick witted, silly, sweet, endearing. Kids can watch it and laugh and there are jokes in there that reach adults too. There's love and adventure and friendship and all those wonderful lessons about life and sometimes it's even a little melancholy.

I always loved the way that the Muppets were visually unrefined. Like sometimes you could see the strings. Or when two Muppets got in a fight, they'd just throw the puppet across the room with a "HIEEYYYYAAAA" and call it a day. I really miss that in TV shows made today. Everything is so digitized and clean...almost intangible. Something I'm keeping in mind for S.O.S is exactly that sensibility. To keep things tangible, maybe a tad janky even.

 And the music! So great!! The Muppets are A-Number 1 with a bullet Inspirado.

My favorite Muppets are the big, lurchy monsters with their mouths hanging open, and of course Statler and Waldorf. What are your favorite Muppets?

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  1. i'm catching up on your blog, tabs. you know, i had the same thoughts after our trip to Bob Baker on sunday (and was actually planning to write about it for my own blog). i absolutely loved that the puppeteers made no attempt at concealing themselves -- they trust that the audience will suspend any disbelief. it was so refreshing!

    anyway, this is a really great concept/project and i can't wait to see the wonderful things that grow from it.