Monday, October 4, 2010

Introducing: Barry

Barry was built by Marisol's engineer mother and left as a partially unfinished project in her attic. He was built to be an interface between humans and computers, a living database if you will. But having been abandoned as a viable prototype,  Barry is a bit lost. His worry manifests itself into a curmudgeony type of neurosis.  Barry is haunted by vast esoteric questions like what are we here for? What is this all about? Where do we go when we die and Where did my sandwich go?

One thing for sure, Barry is Marisol's confidant. He travels with her between the real world of Cleveland to her adventures on the HMS Unknown.  He's programed to watch out for Marisol and keep her out of trouble.

Likes: Classical music, roaring fireplaces, floppy disks, personal protection equipment
Dislikes: Sergio, last minute changes to plans, rope bridges, fresh fruit.

(image refined by the lovely Jenny Comperda:

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