Thursday, October 14, 2010

Introducing: The Captain

The Captain has been sailing aboard the HMS Unknown for so long he has melded with the ship. He has become a living thing within it's walls and floorboards. I'd love for this to have a special effects makeup sinewy/mucousy look to it, but that sounds expensive. We'll probably just start by cutting a hole through some poster board and having his face peek out of the walls, between jars in the galley, or out of the ship's steering wheel (like the drawing to the right*). This character is played by a live actor.

Although The Captain is not a scientist himself, he is a wise old salt that chimes in with useful information relating to the science theme. He tells long winded stories about sailing the Seas of Science. He is delighted by Marisol's visits because he digs her quizzical enthusiasm. Much like Barry, The Captain (who just goes by the name The Captain) looks out for Marisol and makes sure that she doesn't get hurt or in trouble on one of their many adventures.

The Captain gets along famously with his Crew and Barry. He's not happy about carting around Sergio, a fugitive stowaway, but has too big of a heart to cut him loose with nowhere to go. Inviting and enthusiastic, The Captain is game for new adventures and is a staunch leader aboard the HMS Unknown.

Likes: Sailing, dirges, new adventures, crashing snobby ceremonies, telling a good yarn
Dislikes: Rogue waves, scurvy, the doldrums, and having an itch on his nose

* I am happy to report that I bought a new scanner which will allow me to scan in my ridiculous drawings. I hope you enjoy looking at them as much as I do drawing them.

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