Monday, October 11, 2010

Inspirado: The Music of Cumbia and Ben Davila

I only recently got into the music of Cumbia. A friend of mine gave me the album The Roots of Chicha and it has been on repeat in my car pretty much all year. If pressed to take a guess, I say I've probably listened to the whole album at least 3x a week since receiving it in January. I've always liked music in different languages and listening to lots of Cumbia helps me practice my Spanish (which is laughably terrible).

Something I want to keep in mind for Seas of Science is the psychedelic sound to the keyboards and guitars. I love psychedelic music and if you think about it, kids shows are pretty weird and psychedelic themselves. Very colorful and fanciful and imaginative and yes, kinda trippy. Just like talking about the Muppets last week, all these aspects are things that I miss from watching shows as a kid growing up.

On the subject of music for SOS, I've invited my good friend Ben Davila to write songs for the show. You can listen to some of his work HERE . Ben and I  have been friends for a very long time and I think his musical sensibility is perfect for the show. He's already written tons of songs about science and can pretty much write a song about anything at the drop of a hat.

For your listening pleasure, here is the first track off The Roots of Chicha, Sonido Amazonico by one of my favorite Cumbia bands Los Mirlos:

And here's a song from Ben's old band, The Photons. This song is one of my favorites. Sometimes I think that with music like this, Seas of Science definitely has a chance to get made someday.

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