Sunday, October 3, 2010


Hello and Welcome to my new blog! The point of this new blog is that I want to make a show. A TV show, for kids, about science. It's called Seas Of Science. I want to share with you my progress as I piece together my ideas for this show. I figure if I start a blog it will motivate me to get things done on this project and not just stare at it, expecting it to make itself.

I don't know how to do this at all, by the way. I am a geologist. I'm not a scriptwriter or a tv industry person, but I do have a lot of friends who do those sorts of things and have been asking them for their advice. They are all very nice and encouraging. I want my friends to be involved in this show because (a.) many of them are incredibly talented at their respective trades (comedy, music, writing, building things, makeup, costumes, etc) and (b.) they are lots of fun to be around.

The show is set on a sailboat called the HMS Unknown that can travel anywhere and any time. Want to meet a dinosaur? No Problem! Want to check out the Amazon rainforest? Away we go! The ship is captained and crewed by a band of rogue scientist who one way or another found themselves having to escape their previous lives on Earth. Take for instance the physicist, Rodger, who's research was so mind blowing that he literally froze his thesis committee stone cold with shock. There's no going back for Rodger until his committee unfreezes, and so he sails on the sea of the unknown with the rest of the crew.

 The star of our show is Marisol, played by my dear friend Marisol Medina. Marisol gains access to the HMS Unknown through a porthole in her attic. Stepping through the porthole transports her from her real life in Cleveland, Ohio, to the fanciful world of the traveling sailboat where she can get any question about science or the nature of the world around her answered by the crew of the HMS Unknown.

Also on board the ship is a cast of misfits thrown together whether they like it or not. Barry the Robot and Sergio the King live aboard the boat along with the Captain and Crew.  Barry's worrisome nature is under constant torment by Sergio's brash and boorish behavior. But they all get along in the end and are happy to go on new adventures whenever Marisol visits.

Each show explores a scientific theme like photosynthesis, or volcanoes, or gravity, and so on. Music and adventure, danger, friendship and exploration...Seas of Science has it all! Don't you want to watch this already? I do!

Let's get this thing made...

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  1. I assume you'll have an episode about how evolution is a dirty lie and the science behind how heathens convinced the world of its validity? It would be a good episode for Creation Day!

    Truly, I'm glad you're finally making this happen Tab. Let me know if there's anything I can do to help out or support you.