Thursday, October 21, 2010

Introducing: Rodger

There are three Crew members aboard the HMS Unknown: Rodger the Physicist, Lily the Oceanographer, and Sophia the Biologist. Originally I wrote parts for 5, but pared it down for the sake of one day trying to find actors to play all these parts. More can be added later on if so desired. Let's start by introducing Rodger, our resident Physics expert.

Rodger's area of study before he came aboard the HMS Unknown was Quantum Turbulence. He was the youngest researcher ever to mathematically describe the behavior of fluids at wicked fast speeds. After time however, he realized that his work was about more than fluid motion. His work was uncovering scientific concepts that could explain the very turbulence of every piece of matter that existed. That he could, in essence, explain the motion of anything, at any time, at any place in the known universe.

The presentation of his work to his thesis committee was so mind blowing, so enlightening in it's definition of the subatomic motion of the universe, that his thesis committee members froze in shock. Rodger feared he would be held responsible for paralyzing several of the highest minds in the field of Quantum Turbulence. With their bodies suspended in rapt attention, Rodger fled to the nearest Ports Of Call, where the HMS Unknown was docked to visit the local Lobster Fest. The Captain invited Rodger aboard to lend a hand at navigation since the ability to explain the motion of anything, anywhere, at any time, comes in handy when sailing the uncharted Seas of Science. Overall, Rodger makes a delightful addition to the ship. His affable nature and quirky sense of humor make him one of the nicest physicists you could ever find yourself in the company of.

Likes: triple integrals, graph paper, coffee breaks, any album by David Byrne, staring off into space
Dislikes: combing his hair, and when the TA in the classroom before you leaves only itty-bitty chalk nubs

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