Saturday, October 9, 2010

Introducing: Sergio

Sergio came to live aboard the HMS Bounty after a freak domino accident got him banished from his home planet. The planet that Sergio came from and ruled is renown for having the Universe's longest domino chain. Every year the kingdom sets up an elaborate domino chain and millions of participants come out to watch it's tipping over ceremony. Unfortunately, Sergio is a bit of a bumbler, and knocked the chain over prematurely.  The subsequent rioting sent Sergio hiding into the hulls of the HMS Unknown, which was docked temporarily on his planet to watch the ceremony. Now Sergio serves as the ship's chef and travels aboard the HMS Unknown with the captain and science crew.

Although Sergio can be a clutz, he's also a lot of laughs. Loud, boisterous, and often times interruptive, Sergio gets on Barry and the Captain's nerves, but Marisol and the Crew are delighted by his antics.  His boundless enthusiasm for adventure makes him a perfect compatriot to Marisol when she visits the ship.

Likes: Food, Marisol, adventures, ridiculous bets, annoying Barry, Shakin' It
Dislikes: Captain's orders and dominos.

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